Friday, July 4, 2014

Palaoa #3: North Cackalackee

6'0 x 22 with lots of width in the tail and nose. This one falls right in between the 6'6" and the 5'10"  models I made two years ago, which have been just great, fun boards that catch everything and max the fun factor from knee high up to overhead. The only real change on this one is the addition of a 5th fin box, as there are times when I like thrusters better than quads (as well as being able to add the mini 5th fin for a "knubster" setup). Also added a bit more rocker to both the tail and the nose, as the original ones were pretty flat and really had to be pushed to get them to carve tight turns. It's still a "flat" board when compared with the typical shortboard, and by design it will be easy to catch waves and fast - the formula for fun, for most of us regular surfers. Standard EPS/epoxy glass job with a deck patch; graphics designed by the customer (call sign Stapler) from North Cackalackee.

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