Saturday, September 29, 2012


5’10”x21 3/4” and 6’6”x22.5”. Built for max fun in waves head high down to ankle slappers. Single concave nose to tail with v-panels where the fins are. Design is based on a combination of the alaia, the incredible “Nohu” model and the CI “Sperm Whale” model. Low rocker – 3” nose and about 1” in the tail, and relatively straight rail lines – along with 4 fins equals super speed and planing in all conditions. Won’t be the most vertical board in the lineup but it will be the most fun.


Friday, September 14, 2012

The Shop is Open!

I’m back after a busy summer working my real job. Behold the Palaoa! In a 5’10” model and a 6’6”, both about 22” wide with noses and tails not much less (17” nose, 18” tail) and low rocker. Basically, take your basic 9’6” longboard and lop 18 inches off the nose and tail. All the advantages of a longboard – easy to paddle, catches waves practically by itself and rockets along on even the smallest swell – along with the maneuverability benefits of a shortboard. They will be quads. Bottom line – maximum fun with minimum effort.