Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kualoa #4: Pyramid Rock

This is probably the best board I’ve done yet, shaping-wise. Everything worked out perfectly and the dimensions were spot on; symmetry was achieved (although frankly it’s overrated), and  the contours blended nicely. The glass job came out good also – slowly figuring out how to get a decent epoxy finish. Not mirror-smooth, but nice nonetheless. The artwork – I did a foam-stain mural of Pyramid Rock on the bottom, using colors that would complement the deck (maroon and gold). The stain actually wraps around the rails to the deck pinlines. Deck is airbrushed with a fabric inlay on the nose. It was very, very hard to hold on to this board – the customer was out on deployment while I made it – and I hated to see it go. I just hope he doesn’t snap it LIKE HE DID THE LAST ONE!!!



And, the inspiration:


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