Sunday, April 25, 2010

SUP Paddle

The bending jig used is actually for an iako (outrigger crossbeam). I’ve modified it for a nice double-bend. Since my last 2-ply paddle failed (see the video here) I used 4 laminations on this one; two lams of douglas fir in the interior and mahogany on the outside. Here is is just out of the jig:


From there, it’s a whole lot of hand-shaping with a small plane and a spokeshave. Here is some sequentials:

P4250052 P4250056


The blade is douglas fir with mahogany highlights. I made a temporary jig to glue up the “wings” on to the shaft.


I used the same blade template as the last paddle, as I really liked how it felt both paddling and surfing:


The blade was covered with glass set in epoxy:



From there, once the epoxy was dry, I sanded and filled with urethane, and she’s ready for her premiere.