Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Sting Session

The Super Sting is designed after a mid-70's stinger, with modern rails, a concave-to-vee bottom and 1+2 fin setup. The result is a board that paddles easily and catches waves like a dream. The main fin is set forward making the board "pivoty" while still holding a good line when one's stance is mid-board. She's got a redwood bottom with mahogany details between the planks, and a bookmatched redwood deck with mahogany strip rails. The art on the bottom is based on an old French woodcut, and the deck has my "modified" Loiselle coat-of-arms (the three crosses on the shield are traditional, the mermaid, seahorse and shark are my own additions).

This video was shot with the new GoPro HD hero camera, which gets my highest recommendation.

What a beautiful spot. Life is beautiful.

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